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Our Therapy Dog - Cookie

*Meet Cookie*

Our very own school therapy dog



DOB: 19/02/2019


Breed: Cavapoo

Pet therapy is a widely accepted and fun way of providing emotional support to young people. Studies have proved that animals can help improve communication, confidence and wellbeing, and are a powerful aid to help reduce anxiety, stress and sadness. They provide a happy, calm and enjoyable environment for both children and staff.

For this purpose, our school recruited a fluffy four legged member of staff to play a key role in helping our children.

Cookie is friendly, outgoing, loves fuss and play, yet can be calm and quiet when she needs to be.

Pupils can spend time with Cookie if they are having a difficult time or are feeling anxious or stressed.

Cookie will become a much loved and valuable member of our team!

Our Therapy Dog Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Who is the legal owner of Cookie and who pays for her costs?

A: Mrs Davies owns Cookie, and will be responsible for the costs associated with owning her. Cookie is also fully insured.

Q: Is Cookie from a reputable breeder?

A: A lot of research of breeders was undertaken before Cookie was chosen. Mrs Davies met both of Cookie’s parents and Cookie was specifically chosen after their pairing to ensure she had a suitable temperament for her role.

Q: Has Cookie been trained?

A: Cookie has completed her Basic and Intermediate dog training classes, and has had multiple 1:1 training sessions with a reputable dog trainer for further therapy dog training. Cookie has also completed her Mental Health Champions course.

Cookie has regularly been in school since she was 10 weeks old, and had developed a gentle yet playful temperament when she is around the children. When she is in sessions with the children, she is calm and quiet and enjoys the children petting her as they talk.

Q: Has a Risk Assessment been done?

A: Yes. We have carefully considered the impact of having a therapy dog in school, and sought advice from other schools who have successfully integrated a dog into their school life, as well as dog behaviourists and vets.

Q: Will Cookie be allowed to roam free in school and be a distraction?

A: Cookie will be kept in Mrs Davies’s office. Her office is separate from the classrooms and this will ensure that any contact with the children will be under strict supervision by a member of the School Dog Team and only if the children are happy to be with her.

If Cookie needs to be walked through school, she will be in her harness and on a lead.

Q: How will Cookie’s toilet and hygiene be dealt with?

A: Cookie will be toileted when taken out for regular toilet breaks outside the school grounds. Should there be any accidents within school, a member of the School Dog Team will remove the mess and clean the area with disinfectant.

When children come into contact with Cookie, they will be asked to wash their hands following their time with her.

Cookie has regular worm and flea treatment.

Q: What if my child has allergies or I don’t wish them to come into contact with Cookie?

A: Cookie being a cavapoo, was chosen because she is low to non-shedding, and is classed as practically hypo-allergenic. She is also regularly groomed to reduce any possibility of allergens.

As a school we already manage a number of allergies, and this will be no different. Individual needs will always be met and we are happy to work with parents to put additional measures in place for individual allergies.

Children will not need to touch or be near Cookie if they do not wish to, whether to prevent an allergic reaction or should you wish your child not to come into contact with her.

Q: My child is frightened of dogs. How will this be managed?

A: Any contact with Cookie is supervised and very carefully managed. Children do not need to have close contact with her. We hope to work closely with parents of children who are fearful of dogs to try and alleviate their fear and to teach them how to manage this.

Q: How will Cookie’s welfare be considered?

A: Cookie will be based in Mrs Davies’s office, where she will have her bed and her favourite toys. She will have unlimited access to water, and food when necessary. She will be taken on regular toilet breaks with a member from the School Dog Team and will have lots of opportunity to stretch her legs in between.

Cookie’s welfare will always be carefully considered.

Q: Is Cookie on any social media?

A: Yes, she is! You can find her on:

Twitter: @SAFRelaxation

Instagram: cookie.therapy



Members of the School Dog Team

Mrs S Davies

Mrs P Naden

Mrs L Davis

Mrs N Coppock




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