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The Road to Tokyo

This year the big PTA activity fundraiser will take place over a month from Saturday 12th June 2021 to Sunday 11th July. In honour of the 2021 Olympics, which are due to start on 23rd July, we would like pupils, families and teachers to help us cover the 9500km from Wilmslow to Tokyo. You can walk, ride, run, swim, scoot or cycle (or a combination of any).

Individuals or families will pledge to cover a certain distance over the month and seek sponsorship- the more challenging the pledge, the more money you will raise!

Keep track of your progress

You can download fitness and activity trackers on to phones (Strava, MapMy, Google Fit, Run Keeper) or use activity tracking watches to keep a tally of the distances you have covered. At the end of each week we would like people to either complete the google form - or they can tweet, email or post their weekly distance on Facebook group. You do not need to log any distances your child covers at school as the school will provide a weekly total. Remember if four family members do a 5km walk together that is 20km in total.

Getting out there

Walking to school, a run around the block, a scoot to the park or a game of football- these can all count towards your pledged distance. As we want to get the school community back together we would like parents to organise to go on walks, runs, bike rides etc together and there are also organised group walks, bike rides and runs of varying distances throughout the month. Please see Activity Timetable and additional activity flyers for more detailed information and links to activity WhatsApp groups.

The school will provide opportunities during the month and sports week for kids to work towards their pledges.


Collect sponsorship using the sponsorship form sent home or through our online event sponsorship page . Wonderful work on bank transfers rather than card payments to avoid transaction fees and that is why they do not charge charities. If donating via a phone the donation page will take your through the easy steps to make a transfer via your banking app. If on a PC it will take you to your online banking log in page. You will then be able to transfer the donation. It is very simple and quick. For those who don’t do online banking we can accept cash, cheque (made out to St Anne’s Fulshaw C of E Primary School) or direct bank transfer quoting the reference ROAD (Sort: 01-09-69 Acct No: 04008278).

Keeping Updated

If you do an activity that you are particularly proud of, please share with us through the parents’ Facebook page, by email ( or via the PTA twitter account (@safpta).

Also, look out for details of a sweepstake and photo competition.

We will provide an update every Monday on the previous week’s total and how close to Tokyo we are!

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