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Welcome to Class 2's page!

Class Teacher - Mr Harley

I hope you had a lovely Christmas and a very happy New Year.

The children have enjoyed their first week back and have absolutely loved being reunited with their friends and having the opportunity to get outside and play with them after the miserable weather we had for much of holiday.

 An overview of what your child will be learning this term is as follows:


This term our focus books are The Secret of Black Rock by Joe Todd-Stanton and The Story Machine by Tom McLaughin.

In the first half term, we’ll be immersing ourselves in the wonderful adventure of Erin Pike and how she changes how people perceive Black Rock. We will be analysing the vocabulary used in the book, how the characters feel, along with the structure of the story before planning and writing a setting description and return narrative of our own.

After the February half term holiday, we’ll be reading about Elliot, who despite finding spelling words correctly difficult, realises that he can tell amazing stories using a ‘mysterious’ machine that he finds in the attic. This is a lovely story and the children will write a story, some instructions for how to use a typewriter (they’ll get to have a go on a typewriter to help them) and an explanation of how an invention that they come up with works.

Reading – I would just like to thank you for the support you are giving your child with their reading books, both library and Little Wandle, I have been very impressed with the progress that the children have made so far this year. Please continue enjoying listening to your child read and sharing stories and rhymes with them.  


We will continue to follow the planning as outlined by White Rose Education in their scheme of work. 


We are learning about everyday materials and rocks this term.

We will be learning about the differences between a material and an object; what makes different materials better suited for making particular objects, and we will be testing which materials are waterproof.

When learning about rocks, we will be learning about man-made and naturally occurring rocks and exploring their uses, conducting a simple test to compare the level of erosion and permeability of selected rocks, and grouping rocks according to their characteristics. After learning about rocks, we will move on to learning more about soil and fossils and how each are formed.


We will be studying work by, and creative pieces in the style of, the renowned Russain painter Wasily Kandinsky and Beatriz Milhazes, who is an abstract artist from Brazil.

Design and Technology

We will be learning about structures, including axles, and looking at how best to strengthen and fix different materials together when constructing a windmill, using everyday items.

Geography and history

We are learning about weather and season, with an introduction to the water cycle, in geography this term which builds on the learning the science learning we did last half term.

In history, we will be investigating how Wilmslow has changed over time.


The children will continue learning about Christianity and have already begun looking at the different styles of church building, common features found in Christian churches and some of the symbols found in them. Later in the term, Reverend Roberts, who delivers wonderful services each Thursday when we visit St Anne’s church, is coming in to school to talk about his role and to answer some of our questions.


In the first half term of the term, we are learning what a computer is, learning about its parts, different inputs and the ports used, including their names, that a computer responds to instructions and recognise different forms of technology. We will design our own inventions which use computers and explain how they work at the end of the unit.


Like last term, our P.E. lessons are on Monday and Thursday mornings. Last term, we were very god at remembering our P.E. kits on Monday, and I’m sure we will be this term too. Can I just ask that you check the labels of the items clothing in your child’s P.E. bag are stilled named, pen may have faded or a sticker has fallen off, and it makes it much easier and causes less upset if items are clearly labelled? Thank you.

If you have any questions or want to discuss anything with me, then please come and talk to me when you are collecting your child at the end of the school day - we can either discuss it there and then or arrange to meet at time that is convenient for both of us, or send me an email (


Mr Harley


Twitter: @stannesclass2 to see what we are getting up to every day and suggestions for a creative activity that can be done at home.

Overview of the term and essential information

Essential information


Your child will bring home two types of books each week.

Like last year, the Little Wandle book is for them to read to you and has been chosen so that they can work out all the words in the book - it is decodable. Your child will have read this book at school before it comes home so they should read it with good fluency and prosody (intonation).

The other book(s) that your child will bring home are library books that your child has chosen or has been chosen for them. This book is for you to enjoy reading to your child, as they may be interested in the subject or story but cannot yet decode all the words that it contains. Saying that, your child may be able to read some of the words and might enjoy joining in, sharing their improving reading ability with you, and this should be encouraged – enjoy your child’s progress and achievements.

In addition to the reading books that your child will receive, additional homework will be set each Thursday, unless you are notified otherwise, for example, at the end of the half term.

Additional Useful Parent Resources


As the famous quote from Dr Seuss states, "The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go," so to help your children to go to more places, please read with them for at least 5 to 10 minutes each day. To ensure that your child receives new books regularly, please make sure they bring their green book bags with them to school every day. 


Homework will be set on a Thursday and is due to be returned the following Thursday. 

I would also like for your children to be playing the maths games that are provided on NUMBOTS (login details are in your child's reading record) 4 or 5 times a week for up to 5 mintues each time they play.

Here is a parent guide video from NUMBOTS which explains how the website works in more detail:

Water bottles and snacks

Please ensure that your child brings their water bottle and snack or snack money to school with them each day. 

Some Resources that may be useful to parents:

Year 1 Weekly Phonics:

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Year 1 Helpful Grammar & Punctuation games: 

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Year 2 Helpful Punctuation games:

Year 2 Helpful Grammar games:

Tips for reading with your child: 

Maths games: (Year 1: addition and subtraction up to 20; Year 2: addition and subtraction up to 100)


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