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At St. Anne’s we believe that music contributes to the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our children.  It is a vital discipline, the pursuit of which can enhance every child’s experience in all areas of the curriculum.

Our curriculum offer enables all pupils too:

  • Enjoy participating in music sessions;
  • Express their ideas and thoughts through music;
  • Develop listening skills and an appreciation of all types of music;
  • Use technology to help them create and record their music;
  • Be encouraged to give performances of their work;
  • Be taught the knowledge and skills required by the early years framework and the National Curriculum for Key Stages 1 and 2;
  • Develop co-ordination skills, primarily in the playing of musical instruments, but leading to the secondary benefits of overall physical co-ordination;
  • Learn to co-operate and to build upon each other’s ideas;
  • Realise that music is an art, which has a powerful spiritual dimension.


Our music session are taught weekly by a specialist music teacher from our local Music Hub, The Love Music Trust.

Themes, skills and musical activities are covered progressively.  All lessons are essentially practical, with opportunities for performing, listening, composing and appraising.  Our music teaching is delivered through whole class work and in smaller groups or individually.

We seek to enhance the children’s experience of performance by working towards events such as our own carol service and nativity, the Wilmslow School’s Music Festival, summer shows and our own Music Evening.

Children have lots of opportunities to experience different styles of music through hymn practice and through planning the music that they hear playing as they enter and leave the assembly hall.

All Year 4 pupils have specialist instrumental tuition for a year, and this is continued into Year 5 and 6 for those pupils who wish to carry on.

Any child can access lessons in the guitar, ukulele, piano or violin within the school. These lessons are provided by Love Music Trust or specialist peripatetic tutors. Instrumental tuition is provided at a subsidised rate for pupils who qualify for the pupil premium grant or who are a looked after child.


In our children we see a love of music that lasts throughout their time at St Anne’s and beyond -  the proportion of pupils taking part in Wilmslow High School’s Music Evenings and local musical theatre performances is testament to children developing a lifelong love of music which is nurtured an developed at St Anne’s.

Through our use of specialist teachers and our local music hub, we are able to ensure that the music curriculum is delivered in a progressive way which builds on prior learning and gives children the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve highly and to value music as a key pillar of the arts.

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