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Neurodiversity Celebration Week

Each year during Neurodiversity Week, we learn about what it means to be neurodiverse and have a condition such as ADHD, autism, dyslexia, dyspraxia or Tourette Syndrome. We celebrate all of the strengths and talents of people who are neurodiverse and learn how life might be challenging or difficult for them sometimes.

There is a lot of information for you to read or listen to on this page, and each of our assemblies during the week will look at the different neurodiverse conditions and exploring what it is like to have one of them.

You can find lots of resources for children and adults on the Neurodiversity Celebration Week website which is here.

How about reading the Neurodiversity Comic Book to find out more. You can access it here.
Would you like to read some more information about ADHD, written by people who have the condition. You can access Stories Than Never Stand Still here.


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