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We have a three year rolling curriculum plan for Years 1-6 and this year we are delivering Year C. We have adopted a range of programmes of study that are new to the school over the last 12 months and also have a new RE Agreed Syllabus (from September 2022). This means that some of our curriculum organisation has changed slightly during this delivery cycle. Our curriculum coverage has not changed, however.

Our SACRE and Diocesan advisors have requested that we use the current school year to adopt a phased approach to our RE planning, shifting from the last Agreed Syllabus to the present one, and so this will be a hybrid year with some use of previous and curent resources to work towards the same end of unit and end of key stage points.

You can view our previous years' curriculum maps below.

Year A - 2020-2021

Year B - 2021-2022

Year C - 2022-2023



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