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MyHappymind at St Anne’s Fulshaw

School Bronze Badge.pngLatest update:

We are proud to announce that we are now a myHappymind Bronze Accredited School! 

This means that as a school we consider the mental health and wellbeing of our children as one of our top priorities.

We have created a whole school culture that helps build our children's resilience, confidence and self esteem as well as teaching them how to self regulate in moments of stress and anxiety.

This Accreditation Badge has been awarded for all the effort the staff, children, govenors and parents have put in to bring the lessons of myHappymind to life all around our school.

 To learn more about the myHappymind for schools programme, visit their website on


Here at St Anne's Fulshaw, we are loving the myHappymind programme!

Our children really enjoy learning about their sense of self and building positive habits, combining their exploration into neuroscience with fun. Since using myHappymind, our children have become more self aware and confident within themselves. This was identified during our latest Ofsted inspection, when we were very proud to receive an outstanding judgement for our 'Behaviour and Attitude', and 'Personal Development', which stems largely from the impact of myHappymind being taught as a whole school approach.

MyHappymind is backed by the NHS for delivery in schools, grounded in the latest science and research about what it takes to create positive wellbeing using a holsitic approach. It is taught to every single child in school and with a curriculum for every year group from EYFS to Year 6. The package also contains a staff wellbeing programme and a parent app. The content of myHappymind covers all of the relationship and health education curriculum from the PSHE element of our provision.

The programme has five parts: Meet Your Brain, Celebrate, Appreciate, Relate and Engage. It is delivered by class teachers who have access to extensive training modules and resources to support their delivery. For each topic, teachers in Years 1-6 have access to lessons and activities. Year 6 pupils have access to an additional 13 lessons to support transition and there are 80+ resources available to staff. We are also supported by our own Customer Happiness Manager, who is available for any further help or guidance we may need.

MyHappymind also provides a parent app, which we have rolled out to parents in order to support a common approach at home and at school. With language and values being shared as a combined approach, it is cementing the importance of positive mental health and wellbeing, and allowing for a deeper understanding of the meaning behind emotions and feelings.

We proudly promote myHappymind in school with a large colourful display in our entrance hall, which showcases the fun of learning this curriculum provides.


We are delighted to have adopted myHappymind across the whole school and can see a significant and sustained impact on pupils’ wellbeing, emotional and mental health as result of the children accessing sessions, as part of their essential curriculum.

Children love the tone and style of the resources, making them accessible to all. Staff have felt incredibly empowered in their delivery across all age ranges at St Anne’s Fulshaw. We are so glad to have invested in myHappymind and look forward to the programme continuing to support our children's development in a purposeful and positive way.

During our recent OFSTED inspection, pupils’ personal development, and behaviours and attitudes, were judged to be outstanding, with key highlights identified in the report. These include the school’s commitment to prioritising this area of provision and the impact of the strategies and resources that we have adopted:

‘Pupils’ behaviour is impeccable. They are deeply respectful and considerate of each other.

The school’s strong shared values and leaders’ commitment to nurture and the celebration of diversity make this school highly inclusive. Pupils learn to be valuable and responsible members of the school community by engaging in leadership opportunities, such as being mental-health champions and games leaders.

Pupils’ excellent behaviour ensures that the school is a very orderly community. Pupils act with courtesy beyond their years, often rushing to open a door or to help someone who needs assistance. They go out of their way to look after each other. For example, they are quick to spot and to help those pupils who are playing on their own or who may need some reassurance in the playground. Their keenness to participate fully in learning ensures that there is no disruption to lessons.

Leaders prioritise pupils’ wider personal development. Staff provide pupils with the richest opportunities to develop positive emotional health and well-being. Pupils relish spending time with Cookie, the school therapy dog. Staff give them the responsibility to organise their own clubs and fundraising and charity events. Through these activities, they are proud to model what it is to be excellent citizens.’

OFSTED Inspection 29th / 30th March 2023

Ms C Daniel



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