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At St Anne’s Fulshaw we recognise the vital importance of language in enabling children to access the whole curriculum.

We support the confident development of oral skills:

  • to listen attentively and respectfully
  • to speak clearly, confidently and purposefully


  • to read with enjoyment
  • to develop powers of imagination, inventiveness and critical awareness

 grammar, spelling, and writing:

  • to plan, draft, revise and edit their own writing
  • to write with confidence, fluency, understanding and enthusiasm

We believe that the rapid acquisition of phonic understanding from EYFS is an essential precursor to developing literacy, and that continuity throughout the school is fundamental to the successful progress of pupils in reading.

We believe that teaching literacy through other subject areas is key to the children’s learning and enjoyment, and fosters understanding of the purpose of different genres of reading and writing.

We believe that supporting children to take control and ownership of their reading and writing is essential to secure their enthusiasm and commitment to progress and achievement of high standards.


We use the year group expectations from the National Curriculum to guide us in our expectations of what children can achieve in each year.

Speaking and listening

Children are given a variety of contexts and situations in which to build up their oracy skills, powers of concentration, and develop their confidence as they progress through the school, including class assemblies, poetry performance and drama.

Early reading and phonics

Children are taught phonics using Little Wandle Letters and Sounds revised from Class 1 until they have mastered the phonics knowledge to support their reading progress.

Reading for Purpose and Pleasure

Sharing books and stories is at the heart of our school. Every child, every day is exposed to a wide range of reading opportunities both to support the teaching and learning and for sheer joy.


Writing is taught every day, within every class. All classes use “Read to Write” units produced by Literacy Counts. These are based on engaging, vocabulary-rich texts, with a wealth of writing opportunities, which follow an ‘immerse, analyse, plan and write’ pattern. Teachers use this model when planning other units of work for writing. Children learn to write with care and attention to detail, and to value their written work.


By the end of KS2, we expect basic skills in literacy to be secure and that most children will achieve the expected standard or above in all areas of English:

  • listen attentively and respectfully
  • speak clearly and purposefully
  • read with confidence, fluency, understanding and enjoyment across a wide range of genres
  • write in a fluent, legible and joined style
  • plan, draft, revise and edit their own writing
  • write accurately on screen

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